St. Barth’s Boat Yard is located on the beuatifull island of Saint-Barthelemy (St. Barth) in the French West Indies

2 SWEDES St Barth’s Boat Yard is conviently situated in Public (Industrial zone), a few hundred meters from Gustavia harbour

(17°54′N., 62°51′W.) (VHF 12) is the capital and principal harbour/marinaof Saint-Barthelemy. The port lies on the West coast of the island.


The tidal rise in the port is small and influenced by the wind.


On the NE side of the basin, the Main Dock, with a length of 80m and a depth of 5m alongside, provides 6 berths and a ro-ro facility. The Fish Dock is at the SE end of the Main Dock.
- On the SW side of the basin, there is a privately-owned quay and two small jetties.

The port basin shows depths of less than 5m, shoaling about 0.1 mile from its head.
Aspect.—A light is shown on Fort Gustavia, which stands on the N side of the port.


Several dangers lie in the approach to Gustavia.
"Gros Ilets" lie on a reef 0.4 mile WNW of Fort Oscar. La "Baleine", a small rock awash and marked close West by a lighted beacon, lies about 0.2 mile West of "Gros Islets" at 5m patch lies
91m S of  La "Baleine".
- The passage between La "Baleine" and "Gros Ilets" has at least North NorthEast from the center islet. A stranded wreck lies close North East of Les Saintes.
- Vessels are urged to contact the local authorities for the latest information on the port before planning a trip here.


Le navire doit être a jour de ses documents (papiers d’identification et assurance). Assurez-vous que toutes les personnes a bord sont munies de leurs pièces d’identité nécessaires pour entrer sur le territoire de St-Barthélemy.
Appeler la capitainerie par VHF Canal 12 avant toutes manœuvres.
Tout navire de passage n’est autorisé a manœuvrer a quai et sur les bouées entre 17h00 et 7h00 (c’est-a -dire pendant la nuit).
Tout navire qui entre et sort du Port doit emprunter le chenal d’accès. La vitesse maximale autorisée dans la zone portuaire est de 3 nœuds.
Les BBQ ne peuvent se faire sur les bateaux amarrés a quai et sur les bouées ; pensez a ne pas déranger votre voisin avec le bruit (musique, travaux etc..).
Nous vous conseillons d’éteindre vos radars.